Office 365 start page for all Office 365 commercial users – Microsoft is going to make Office com setup the default greeting page for Office 365 clients when they sign in. The organization declared the change on its Microsoft 365 guide this week, and ought to turn into the default begin page for all Office 365 business clients in March. This self-assertive change is […]

Formatting Options is Microsoft Word – Office Setup

Microsoft Word, as you may know is one of the most used word processing software’s in the world. Microsoft has put some good features including a good User interface to make sure that the users love it and are really making good and beautiful documents. So here we are discussing what makes Microsoft word a […]

Microsoft’s overhauled Office 365 symbols start rolling out on – The overhauled symbols for Microsoft’s Office 365 applications have now begun taking off on Office com setup. This is by all accounts a continuous rollout, with Microsoft organizing Office 365 business clients for the time being (by means of Neowin). Microsoft divulged the new symbols back in November, five years after the last upgraded occured for the […]

5 New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC in April 2019

With April on board, gamers are excited as the month brings them some new series or version of games. Experience the latest versions of Mortal Kombat 11, Days Gone, your all time favorite cartoon game Cuphead and much more. For all gamers out there, the upcoming month will highlight new releases and the latest versions […]

How to Use Parental Control to Enable or Disable FaceTime on iOS

When you set up your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac for the first time, the FaceTime will also activate automatically, as it is the part of the setup process. If for any reason, it does not, then you can manually enable it from your device settings. You can also use Parental control to restrict your […]

Download Microsoft 365 – Today we can’t envision the everyday business activities around the globe without the PC’s innovation. In early days when the principal mechanical PC was developed by Charles Babbage, it was just business situated. It was utilized to control the business framework and accelerate the business procedure precisely. Today everything is controlled and overseen by […]

Using Microsoft Excel at workplace – Office Setup

Microsoft Excel is one of the best data base management tools available on market. It is not actually a Data base managment software but rather a software that works with tables and mathematical alogrithms. Once we get to look into the Microsoft Office Excel, We find some features that cant be found on any other […]

Use Microsoft Office Word to Create Better work Documents

Microsoft office is one of the best known productivity suite for your personal and business use. Microsoft Office is present and available on all the local and international platforms. Like every other office suites there is a difference with this Office Suite. Microsoft Office provides you with great deal of customization on every work document […]

How to Print maps on Google Maps – Office Setup

Want to save and print out an area or direction?  With Google Maps, you can create custom maps and personalized directions for your travel. Users can print out these maps and take them as a reference. The printing feature of Google Maps is work as a tool that turns customs maps into printed images. If […]

Office com setup is your key to success

Computer hardware and software are required. Well, a system needs each of them and neither can be realistically used on its own. The major software is written in the high-level programming languages. They are easier and efficient for programmers as they are closer to natural languages than the machine languages. In the newly developed technologies, […]