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Hi Guys, this is officesetup-officesetup.com team. We have started this blog to explain quick tutorials, troubleshooting guides, tips & tricks of microsoft office setup.

When it comes to technical support, it can be a frustrating experience for many. The popular players in the industry are charging through the nose just for a “diagnostic”. In other words, they are charging you high rates just to look at your issue. Solving it, well, that’s another story altogether.

officesetup-officesetup.com realized that what people really want is someone who they can call to have their issue resolved for a reasonable price. No diagnostic fees, labor fees, additional fees, or any other hidden fees. It’s just one simple low flat rate. We also understand that technology can be challenging at times and we want to assure our customers and potential customers that we are here to listen to you. In fact, that is where the officesetup-officesetup.com name comes from; talk to us.

officesetup-officesetup.com is an independent provider of remote tech support services for software, hardware, and peripherals. We are unique because we have expertise in products from a wide variety of third-party companies. Office Com Setup has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. For permitted use and specific warranties associated with the software, hardware, and peripherals, please contact the relevant third party. Office Com Setup is not responsible for third party Content provided on or through the Site and you bear all risks associated with the use of such third party Content, products and services. Office Com Setup 's support staff are Office Com Setup Certified Technicians but do not necessarily hold any certifications from any third party unless expressly specified.

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“You” means you individually, any person, including any employer that you are acting on behalf of

“Services” means officesetup-officesetup.com’s Support Services, which are officesetup-officesetup.com’s chat and phone based Software Troubleshooting Services as set forth on the officesetup-officesetup.com web site. The Services include virus diagnosis, virus removal, PC tune-up, Internet login protection, email account setup, software installation, printed setup, printer support, and general computer trouble shooting services. The scope of the services is subject to change without notice, and officesetup-officesetup.com may discontinue or modify the Services in its sole discretion.

Subscription Period means the time period that Subscriber is eligible to receive the Services. The Subscription Period shall commence on that date the Services are subscribed to and shall terminate after three months or the period specified in the chosen package.

Technical Support Services are provided only via phone, Internet chat and remote desktop sharing. Services are provided upon Subscriber’s contacting officesetup-officesetup.com support as explained on the officesetup-officesetup.com Subscriber authorizes officesetup-officesetup.com to configure its computers and delete the files that officesetup-officesetup.com deems unnecessary to a computer’s operation. Subscriber gives officesetup-officesetup.com express permission to alter the registry of any computer receiving the Services as needed to provide the Services. The Services may require additional software. Subscriber gives officesetup-officesetup.com express permission to install, configure, and use such software on Subscriber’s computers.

To provide the Services, officesetup-officesetup.com must access a computer or network receiving the Services over the Internet. A high speed Internet connection is highly recommended in order to avoid delays or problems with the Services. Subscriber is solely responsible for providing an Internet connection and access to its computers. Subscriber must assist officesetup-officesetup.com in any manner necessary to diagnose the computer and provide the Services. Failure to fully cooperate with the officesetup-officesetup.com representative shall be considered a breach of this Agreement. All instructions and steps taken in providing the Services shall be left to the officesetup-officesetup.com representative’s sole discretion. Subscriber warrants that use of the Services complies with all applicable computer and network policies. Prior to receiving the Services, Subscriber must have administrator rights to the computer, have a back-up of all data on the computer, and provide officesetup-officesetup.com with correct and accurate information.

You may be asked to provide us with a credit card number from a card issuer that we accept in order to activate your Service. You hereby authorize officesetup-officesetup.com to charge and/or place a hold on your credit card with respect to any unpaid charges for Services or any related equipment. You authorize the issuer of the credit card to pay any amounts described herein without requiring a signed receipt, and you agree that these charges are to be accepted as authorization to the issuer of the credit card to pay any amounts described herein without requiring a signed receipt, and you agree that these charges are to be accepted as authorization to the issuer of the credit card to pay all such amounts. You authorize officesetup-officesetup.com and/or any other company who bills products or services, or acts as billing agent for officesetup-officesetup.com to continue to attempt to charge and/or place holds with respect to all sums described herein, or any portion thereof, to your credit card until such amounts are paid in full. You agree to provide officesetup-officesetup.com with updated credit card information upon officesetup-officesetup.com’s request and any time the information you previously provided is no longer valid. You acknowledge and agree that neither officesetup-officesetup.com nor any officesetup-officesetup.com affiliated company will have any liability whatsoever for any non-sufficient funds or other charges incurred by you as a result of such attempts to charge, and/or place holds on, your credit card. If you mistakenly provide a debit card number, instead of a credit card number, you authorize all charges described herein to be applied to such debit card unless and until you provide a credit card number. If charges cannot be processed through your credit card, or if your bank draft or electronic funds transfer is returned for insufficient funds, we will charge you an additional $15.00.

For subscription plans, a full refund will be issued if officesetup-officesetup.com has not been able to resolve even a single issue for your computer within the first 30 days of the signing up to officesetup-officesetup.com subscription. If our technical support has resolved one or more issues, the fees charged for subscription service will not be refunded. Its sole discretion of officesetup-officesetup.com and on a case by case basis, refund can be issued of the charged fees after deducting charges for services provided to customer. For incident plans, you will be eligible for refund when any of the following criterions are met:s

The issue is out of scope for the particular plan:

30 days have not passed after the issue was last worked upon by a officesetup-officesetup.com technician We don’t store credit card information for any customer and we would not do any charging without your explicit consent. You may be able to change from one plan to another (e.g. from incident based plan to 90 days plan). We would negotiate with you and in order to accommodate your revised requirements.

This version of the Terms is effective as of December 2012. The Terms together with the Privacy Policy and any applicable license agreements constitute the entire agreement between You and officesetup-officesetup.com and govern Your use of the Services, superseding any prior or contemporaneous agreements between You and officesetup-officesetup.com. The failure of officesetup-officesetup.com to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties” intentions as reflected in the provision and the other provisions of the Terms remain in full force and effect. You may not assign the Terms or any of Your rights or obligations under the Terms without officesetup-officesetup.com express written consent. The Terms inure to the benefit of officesetup-officesetup.com successors, assigns and licensees. The section titles in the Terms are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect.

Should you have further queries, please e-mail us at support@officesetup-officesetup.com or you can drop a mail at:
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